Marie Antoinette

She was young, vibrant and doomed from the moment she set foot in France.  Our story revolves around Marie's difficult relationship with her mother, Maria Theresa, her inability to please her husband, King Louis XVI, her suffering at the loss of her children, and the devious plot that resulted in the Diamond Necklace Affair.  All this of course before meeting her inevitable end, death by guillotine.


Agatha Christie, one of the greatest mystery novelists of all time, dazzled audiences with a story about strangers locked in a house together… with a murderer. Her book, written over 80 years ago, has inspired other authors, films, TV series and even the very popular board game Clue. In our rendition of And Then There Were None, we’ve taken the familiar characters from the game and placed them in Agatha Christie’s world where they are not only the suspects but also the victims.

“Ten little Soldier boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self and then there were nine.
One little Soldier boy left all alone;
He went out and hanged himself and then there were none.”


A Legend. A Queen. A Murderer….


Forced into a marriage with her own brother, Ptolemy XII, the infamous queen found herself slowly picking off every member of her family, including her only sister Arsinoe IV, in order to advance her status as the sole ruler of Egypt. She is known for her love affair with Julius Caesar, a man 30 years her senior, who was assassinated by his own Roman senators.  After mourning Caesar’s untimely death, Cleopatra developed a long lasting relationship with Roman general, Mark Antony. However, after the Battle of Actium, Antony and Cleopatra’s navy was destroyed and Cleopatra was captured. She had a mausoleum built for her burial knowing death was soon to follow. Antony committed suicide by falling on his sword thinking Cleopatra was already dead. When he found out he was mistaken, he had conspirators sneak him in to see her where he died in her arms. Shortly after, Cleopatra had a snake brought to her hidden in a basket of figs. Its venomous bite quickly killed her.

Carrie Bell

Daniel Trujillo

13 Aug 2017

This new company of artists and creators is definitely on the fast track of becoming one of Arizona's top dance theater companies. With two outstanding productions under their belt Rogue Dance Theater brings alive iconic and memorable literary stories that are told through contemporary styles of dance and music. Both THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS and CLEOPATRA creatively and expertly weaved wonderful and strategic choreography with familiar music that created a tapestry of work that clearly conveyed these familiar stories in a new light.

Dani Rusty

13 Aug 2017

Rogue Dance Theater is composed of an amazing group of talented people. Everything from the props to the choreography was top-notch. This is the second show that I have seen by this company and I can't wait to see genius concept that they choose to utilize in their next production. Their ability to take a classic story and turn it into a piece of art is amazing!!

Such a beautiful show and amazing job from everyone. The dancing and the creativity is so carefully thought out. The little details from the song choices to the wardrobe. I felt like the show went by so fast because I was enjoying every minute of it. One of my favorite parts in Cleopatra was the boat fight scene!!! I love how the dancers embodied the arrows. If you missed the show, you'll have to go next year. I know I'm looking forward to their next performance.

14 Aug 2017

Rhonda Sevey

13 Aug 2017

Cleopatra was fabulous. It was so refreshing to see concert work that embraced and advanced a story. Beautiful, mature work. Thanks for a great show.


Classic story, incredible jazz music, brand new show! The Salem Witch Trials have never been told solely through dance... until now.

Inspired by Arthur Miller's, The Crucible, our story is about a town conflicted with the idea of paganism taking over the purity of its young women. From dabbling with dark rituals in the forest to the iconic courtroom scene, our group of manipulative young girls takes the town on a journey that leads so many innocent to their untimely final breath by hanging. This tale of love, lust and liars has been a staple in our nation's history for hundreds of years. But does witchcraft really exist or are all the tales just a myth?